The Authentic Huntshoek Safaris Hunting Experience

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary hunting experiences offered by Huntshoek Safaris. Whether you are a rifle enthusiast or prefer the challenge of bow hunting, our diverse offerings cater to all. Embark on the thrilling “walk and stalk” adventure, involving meticulous tracking, spotting, and strategic positioning for the perfect shot.

Situated in a malaria-free zone, Huntshoek Safaris boasts expansive concessions with a rich habitat hosting forty prominent wildlife species. From the elusive Blue Duiker to the iconic Kudu and majestic Cape Buffalo, our terrain encompasses eight distinct South African biomes – from the dense Albany thicket to vast mountain ranges and sprawling grasslands, adding beauty and challenge to your hunting expedition.

Tailored for individuals, families, friends, and couples of all experience levels, our team at Huntshoek Safaris is passionate about crafting unique and memorable hunting safaris. Our unwavering dedication to wildlife and hunting ensures an authentic South African experience for novices and seasoned hunters alike.

To elevate your adventure, Huntshoek Safaris offers aerial transportation via our privately owned plane, jet, or helicopter. Conveniently fly from international airports in South Africa and neighboring countries, guaranteeing seamless access to our unparalleled safari experiences. Beyond the Eastern Cape, we provide tailor-made adventures throughout South Africa and beyond.

Huntshoek Safaris: Elevate your hunting adventure with passion, expertise, and exclusive access

offering an Exceptional African Safari Experience!