Hunting Gear & Recommendations from Huntshoek Safaris

Firearms & Ammunition:

– Smaller Plains Game: 222, 223, and 243.

– Dangerous Game: A minimum of 375 is legally required, but considering a larger caliber is prudent.

Option for a versatile expanding bullet, with soft nose tough expanding bullets for larger plains game and solids for smaller species. For dangerous game calibers, a 50/50 split in soft noses and solids is recommended.

Ensure a sturdy protective rifle case for international travel, with a separate case for ammunition. Strong locks are essential. Bring an extra soft case per gun for dust protection and secure transportation on vehicle rifle racks, available through Huntshoek Safaris with prior arrangement.

Zero all rifles with scopes before departure. Check scopes upon arrival, choosing variable power and high-quality glass. Scope covers are advisable to protect against dust and moisture.

Enhance your hunting experience with high-quality binoculars. The more you see, the more enjoyable your adventure.

Capture the essence of your safari with a high-resolution digital camera. Don’t forget a flash, charger, or extra batteries. Your photos will be the cherished memories you take home from your Huntshoek Safaris experience.

Feel free to bring shooting sticks if you desire, however your guide will provide them for you, on your hunting safari this technique of shooting of sticks will be a common occurrence so to familiarize yourself with this technique is a great idea it stabilizes the shooter and give him the best chance to make a great shot.

Recommended for those walk and stalks adventures and tiring shoulders.

Flashlight just in case you find yourself in dark spot.

Standard hunting knife, packed in your luggage, gun case or ammo box is suggested always useful.

If you chose to bring, we recommend Avon “Skin So Soft”, Unscented.

Please make sure you have these services in place at your own account.

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