Terms and Conditions

Prices are subject to change without prior notice. T&C’s Apply.


All rates and prices are quoted in US Dollars. Daily rates include 15% Governmental Tax
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Huntshoek Safaris, its owners, managers, and staff will not be held responsible and /or liable for any losses and /or damages and /or injuries incurred while on safari and /or a visit to Huntshoek Safaris.

Clients / guests are to ensure that appropriate medical, accident, travel insurance is arranged before arriving at Huntshoek Safaris and for the duration of their stay at Huntshoek Safaris.



All air and /or road travel arrangements before start and end of your safari, is the responsibility of the client.

Huntshoek will not be held liable for any untimely delays, in airline reservations, airline problems, weather or any other unforeseen events in travel.

Huntshoek Safaris will assist valued clients/guests at all possible times to enjoy their South African experience from their arrival to departure.



Safari reservation dates will not be confirmed until a deposit of $1,000 USD has been received.

The balance of reservation and / or any other pre-arranged rates will be payable upon arrival.

All outstanding fees, including the cost of trophies and remaining day fees, must be settled in full on the last day of your safari. (

Payments must be made electronically (Credit Card and PayLink facilities available.) or via Wire Transfer. NO CASH

Cash can be used to Tip Staff, professional hunter etc.

All bank charges and or fees applicable upon refund of deposit, will be deducted from the deposit in favor of Huntshoek Safaris.

All prices/rates are quoted in USD, unless otherwise stated and agreed upon by the two parties.

Payment in approved foreign currency will be accepted at the rate of exchange applied by the bankers of Huntshoek Safaris at the time of receipt of payment.


In the event of a client canceling a safari less than 6 months prior to the commencement date the safari, the deposit will be forfeited if the dates cannot be rescheduled to alternate dates within the same season, or the following season.

Safaris cancelled more than 6 months prior to the commencement date of the hunt will be refunded the deposit less 25%. This 25% will not be refunded, but can be applied to a future safari with alternate dates within the same season, or the following season



Our professional hunters adhere to stringent rules and follow the ethics of ‘fair chase’. The hunters assume full control of the hunting experience.

Clients are required to respect and obey the rules and regulations set out by our professional hunters.

It is imperative that the professional hunters are treated with the utmost respect as they will ensure that the hunt is without incident and is conducted safely.

Should you, however, feel that your professional hunter has in anyway acted in an unprofessional manner, management needs to be advised immediately and the matter will be seriously dealt with.

Our moral obligation to conservation is, “Sustainable utilization through Hunting” and always been of an excellent standard and we appreciate our clients support, regarding this matter.




NO alcohol may be consumed before or while hunting. The professional hunters and Huntshoek Safaris, reserve the right to prohibit any client, who appears to be incompetent in hunting practices and handling a firearm, from participating in any hunting Activities.

Huntshoek Safaris consider the safety of all people in a serious light and will not tolerate any actions from any individual, who would place others in danger.

Safety procedures regarding firearms, will be addressed by the professional hunters.

Firearms will be loaded and unloaded on the instructions of the professional hunter only.

All firearms must be unloaded and on safety lock, pointed towards the floor of vehicle, while driving.

Prior to entering any building, all firearms must be unloaded, and magazines emptied.

Safe keeping stations are to be utilized whilst not hunting. The professional hunters will advise the procedures.




Huntshoek Safaris assumes no responsibility whatsoever for damages or loss to trophies once the client’s trophies have been collected or delivered to the appropriate taxidermy or shipping agent.